Error message when exporting file

Is someone able to help me please?

I have saved my project and am now trying to export it so I can use it elsewhere, however it keeps coming up with a warning message saying

"error while writing WAV (Microsoft) file (disk full?).
Libsnd file says “”

Each time I try to export it, it will contain different characters between the speech marks.

I am in desperate need of an answer as I need this project on a CD in less than 12 hours!

I have updated to the new version of Audacity and have tried un-installing and then re-installing the program but to no success. I am using a Windows operating system.

Thank you to anyone that can help me!

That message sometimes appears when you use characters in the file name that your operating system doesn’t like.

Are you using any of / ? * | : < > "

in your file name?

== Bill

Thanks for the reply.

No I’m not using any of those characters.

The project name is 2012 Clubs Final

File menu > Open Metadata Editor
Click on the “Clear” button, then “OK”.
Now try exporting again (and as Bill said, avoid using any “special” characters in the file name).

Topic moved to the Windows forum.

Thank you so much!!

It worked :slight_smile: