Error Message: Unable to Target File for Writing

I’ve installed the newest version of Audacity and Lame. I’ve read the forum questions about this and watched the YouTube videos. I continually get this error message when I’m trying to export a file to an mp3. Any suggestions or help? I need to be able to save my recordings to mp3 so they can be emailed to people to listen to. Please help!!!

Many people get that error when they try to put punctuation marks in the filename. Without question the chief cause of problems is trying to jam a date in there. Today is 2014-09-09 or 20140909, not 9/9/14. “-” is a valid character. “/” is not.

I thought we wrote a thing about this… Looking.


Thank you for your response. I was using test123 as the file name and wasn’t using any symbols. I had installed and uninstalled both Audacity and Lame several times and kept getting the same message. I eventually saved it as an mp3 to iTunes and was able to use it the way I wanted. That was totally frustrating that it was not working. But it’s working now.

There is one other possibility. Audacity default is to try and save work to the same place it put the program, under /Applications. Your Mac will not like that very much. Open some short song or other work as a test. File > Export and explicitly send the Export to the desktop. Do not let Audacity do whatever it wants.


We did: Audacity Manual .

And “/” is valid on Mac, as that FAQ says. But it is still better not to use that.