Error message "stereo tracks with nonaligned content"

I downloaded the ‘lame’ file recommended on Audacity so that I could import MP3 files that it was not recognizing as MP3 files for some reason. This worked and the file imported fine. However, when I selected all and ran a low-pass filter, Audacity closed altogether. When I restarted and it retrieved the file, it gives me an error message saying “This project contained stereo tracks with nonaligned content. This feature is not supported on Audacity versions past 3.3.3. These stereo tracks have been split into mono tracks. As a result, some realtime effects may be missing. Please verify that everything works as intended before saving.” I don’t know why it split the track because it was simply an audio recording of one person talking. Split, it sounds awful, so I would like it back the way that it was, but for whatever reason it won’t let me run a low-pass filter (which I was trying to do to remove ‘s’ sound). (And I guess probably won’t let me do various other effects either.) I tried it again and exactly the same thing happened. Can anyone help with how I can get around this?


I tried it again tonight with a different file, and the same thing happened, so it’s making it impossible to edit these files. They import fine with the lame file installed, but then whenever I try to run filters on them, the file promptly closes and I get that error message upon restart. Does anyone have any advice about this? Thanks.

Bumping this up in case anyone who hadn’t seen it before might have an answer, as I didn’t get any replies on it yet. Thanks in advance for anyone who might know how I can address this baffling issue!

If you “mix and render” the imported MP3 that may heal the split.
[Check one track is hard-panned left and the other is hard-panned right before “mix and render”].

Also check that the audacity project rate is set at what you need before rendering.

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Thanks very much @Trebor , I really appreciate your help! Will definitely be giving this a try right away!

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