Error message "Error Writing Autosave File" on open

Hi there! I’m on Linux Mint 13 MATE. Whenever I open/import a file into Audacity now, I get an error message popup:

Error Writing Autosave File

Couldn’t write to file “/home/ian/.audacity-data/AutoSave/New Project - 2012-07-17 19-39-18 N-1.tmp”: Error Opening File

The file will load, but as soon as I click on it to do something the same error message pops up again. I had to delete audacity.cfg in ~/.audacity-data/ to fix some problem or other (can’t remember ATM), but a new one’s been created. I’ve tried googling this with no result. Anybody know what’s going on? One of my favorite, most reliable programs is now unuseable! :frowning:

Check that the folder “/home/ian/.audacity-data/AutoSave/” exists and that you have read+write permissions for it.

That was exactly it, thanks muchly!! I changed the permissions for .audacity-data and I thought AutoSave wasn’t locked, but it was and now Audacity is back to a happy state. Cheers!