Error Message: Another copy Audacity Running...

Windows XP Audacity 2.0.4 .exe installer

When attempting to install 2.0.4 I repeatedly receive an Error Message: “System has detected another copy of Audacity Running… Installation not allowed”
I have uninstalled, deleted, removed every element of Audacity I could find. The Task Manager still showed that Audacity was running! I then deleted that process in the Task Manager. I restarted and then even temporarily turned off the PC with the same result. On one last effort the new program seemed to install finally but when I attempted to open it the same original Error Message was displayed and it did not open. Help!

Go to the “Processes” tab of Task Manager once more, then right-click over audacity.exe and choose “End Process Tree”.


Then you can uninstall 2.0.4 and use this test build instead without installation.

Or you can leave 2.0.4 installed and replace “audacity.exe” from the installation folder with the "audacity.exe from the test build.

Or go back to 2.0.3 .