error loading up project [SOLVED]

please help i moved my project which i have been working on for some time now and it wont open now. I moved it to the desktop and now it wont work anymore it says it cant find the data or the folder please help :cry:

Search your machine for your show name followed by _data. Move that to the desktop along with your aup file. If you have a normal Project, double click the aup file and the show should open.


An Audacity project is not just a single file. There are two parts to an Audacity project: the “.AUP” file and the audio data. If you move one without the other then the project won’t work.

As long as you’ve not deleted or moved other relevant files, you should be able to recover the project by moving the .AUP file back where it came from.

To safely move a project, see:

Can you show me by image so I can do it? If you can that is, also I can’t find the other file
The aup is the project correct? Or…it’s something else

The .AUP file is part of the project. It is everything except for the audio. There is no audio data in the .AUP file.

What is the name of the project that you moved?
Where did you move it from?
Where did you move it to?
What was in the project?

Okay so with in the folder in the quick access the project was the alien encounter audio track which is very very complex of editing that I’ve done in years and I moved it from there to the desktop just that it’s got the regular image of the audacity headphones and nothing more it’s right next to the audacity editor

What is the name of the project that you moved?
Where did you move it from?

It’s called alien encounter awesome music and like I said I moved it from the quick access in the folder explorer

Did the message send? If not I’ll tell you again because I need this to work it’s very important

That’s a project. That’s MyMusic Project. That’s as small as a project ever gets. You have to have both parts.


They have to be separate like that. It doesn’t count if you put the aup file inside the _data folder.

One of the Get Out Of Jail cards mentioned further up the message thread is to put the aup file back where it was. Is that possible? Once Audacity and the project opens, you can make copies with other names and put them wherever you want.


“Quick Access” is not a file location, it’s just shortcuts to files.
You need to find the _data folder that belongs with the AUP file, then move the AUP file back so that it is in the same directory as the _data folder.

Use the search system on your machine to find the _data folder. That’s underline d a t a.

The aup and the _data folder names must match like they do in my picture and they need to be the original name.


I don’t apparently have that other one

Wait a second I think I found it

Well I found the folder but it still says it can’t find the data