Error in text entry for track labelling

This is an error report not a help request. Please advise if this is not the right place to post it.

I’m splitting up a recording of our band. I add labels at the start of each event (Ctrl B). After the first successful occasion of using the word ‘Crack’ subsequently trying to enter the letter ‘k’ in a label resulted in the cursor moving to the track end (ie interpreting the key entry as a command instead of text.) The only way of overcoming this is by copying the letter and pasting it into the new label.

Audacity v 2.0
Windows Vista SP2
Audacity installed from .exe

Thanks. This is a known issue, but I’m surprised to see it cropping up on Windows Vista. Another workaround is to go to Edit menu > Preferences > Keyboard and assign a different key to the “Move cursor to track end” command. While you’re there you might want to assign the “Move cursor to track start” command to something other than “j”.

– Bill

Thanks for the report. The issue is known - please see 2.0.0 Release Notes .

Did you undo a delete with CTRL + Z? That is the usual cause.

You can post bug reports on the Forum (after checking the Release Notes) but the preferred method is to e-mail our feedback address .