error in many effect of file

please i want solution

when i make effect to many file about 100 file

when i make pitch to alll

error happen

please reply my


Your question does not make complete sense.

Are you using the Change Pitch effect?

Do you import 100 files to the project using Import? Or do you use the “Apply Chain” command?

When exactly does the error happen?

What exactly does the error say?


thank you for pation

my experiance little

i mean when i import 100 file then make effect pitch to all

after some moment the programe stop and dont complete

but when i do that for little 10 file for example

it complete then i save them

but i want import many file 100 or more

and want to effect them one time

i hope find solution thanks

Are you using the latest Audacity 2.0.6? See Help > About Audacity… to see which Audacity version you have. If you don’t have 2.0.6, I suggest you obtain it from Audacity ® | Download for Windows.

Does Audacity quit (exit) without giving a warning? Or do you see an error? Is the error an Exception Error?

It may be better to create a Chain containing Change Pitch and an Export command for the format you want to export to, then apply that Chain to the files.

That way, Audacity will apply Change Pitch to the first file and export the result, close the track, clear out the temporary data for that file then it will import the next file and repeat the same process. It will avoid any problem with having too many tracks in the project.

Create the Chain using File > Edit Chains… . See Edit Chains - Audacity Manual. Then use File > Apply Chain… , choose the Chain you created and press “Apply to Files…”. See Apply Chain - Audacity Manual.


thank you again

i use 2 . 6 last v

i know the error when programe stopp then make recover

messege say inconsecies files

what the meaning of that

i try to 10 file - no proplem

but when i make copy past to them to make 100 file the same source in kb i found the same proplem –

please i want solution

i used chain but proplem continu

i wait your answer please

If you mean “2.0.6” (all three numbers), that’s fine. If you mean exactly “2.6” then we don’t make that and you will need to download 2.0.6 from Audacity ® | Download for Windows.

Unfortunately that phrase has not translated properly. I suggest you attach an image of the error. Press PrtScr on your computer keyboard when you see the message. Open Paint, Paste, then save the image as a PNG or JPG file. Attach the image to your reply by following these instructions:

Did you apply the Chain to files? If the problem is that Audacity cannot work with 100 different tracks, then applying the Chain to a project will not solve the problem.

How are you getting the files into Audacity? Do not use File > Open… because Audacity becomes unstable if there are more than about 30 project windows open on a Windows system. Use File > Import > Audio… or apply a Chain to files.

Can you describe for us what you are trying to do? Are you trying to join 100 files into 1 file that plays 100 times the length, then change the pitch of that resulting long single file?

Or are you trying to change the pitch of 100 files, so you end up with 100 files that are at a different pitch than before?

How large (in kB) is one of the files that you import? Is that file a WAV or an MP3? Does that file import correctly with tall blue waves before you change its pitch?


thank you very mutch
my dear
i know finally the wrong
very strange thing
i must up project to first file but when i make effect to 100 file it is stopp unless i go to first file because movie is heavy
finally---------------- it solved
but i want anather help from you my dear

when i make effect to 100 file then save them by multy export to be in 100 file ihave to click ok 100 time in every file appear metdat or lable
it is very hard
i want to click ok on time only to save 100 mp3 in 100 file as you know
i dont want to appear any lable or thing after each file of 100
i wish solution from you thanks my deaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Please do not post multiple, illegible and/or meaningless posts. It only wastes our time and delays us from providing support for users.

To prevent the Metadata Editor from opening on each export, disable it in Preferences. See here in the manual for more details:

sorry my dear thanks