Error importing

Error importing while I opens an audacity project file of version 2.3.3 (windows 10). Please give me a solution as soon as possible

More details required.
What is the full and exact error message?
What exactly are you doing that leads to the error message?

Now I updated audacity to 2.4.2

Since it is a project consist of vocals of different people along with the music.
As soon when i opens the audacity project file to continue editing, on the top of error message, its written error importing and at the down, its written “project file’s path” is an audacity project file. Use file>open’ command to open audacity projects.
But when I does that, same message is coming.

Please give me a solution.

That message can occur if the .AUP file is damaged.
Please attach the “Nadatheendunu music.aup” file to your reply and I’ll take a look to see if it can be rescued.

there were 5 projects. but only this project got affected. but now the problem is coming for another projects also. I am attaching the most important project file with this. If possible Please try to repair that project file and hoping a advice to prevent this problem for the future and present projects.
Thank you.
Nadatheedunu music.aup (174 KB)

Unfortunately that file is totally corrupt. There’s noting in that file that can be salvaged.


Oh, so i cant do nothing on it. which means i should start doing the project from first.

Can you say why this is happening? (the reason behind this problem)
inorder to avoid this in the future.

Difficult to say for sure. Perhaps the computer shut down while the project was open.

There was a bug in an old version of Audacity that could cause this when using “Save Project As” (rather than “Save Project”) to overwrite a project. I’m not sure which version that was - I thought it was earlier than 2.3.3 but I could be wrong about that.

The current version of Audacity is 2.4.2:

Thank you

Now again i have encountered a problem. After installing audacity in my desktop, its showing the message as i m showing in the picture. i re installed it, but same thing is happening.
WhatsApp Image 2020-10-06 at 6.43.36 PM.jpeg

Is that a different computer to what you were using previously?
Which version of Windows is that? Windows 7?

not its not. that computer is with celeron processor, 2 gb ram, etc. But the windows 10 is not compatible with it. i think that was the reason why my projects gets corrupted. When i met with an expert, i got an advice to make it windows 7 which is compatible with it. now everything runs faster than windows 10 as it was a old model processor. it was made into windows 7 after a complete format.

Do i have to install anything extra (anyother software to run) to use audacity in my pc?

What is missing in my computer to use audacity?

You need to update Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio.
You can get the updated from Microsoft:
Your Windows 7 must have Service Pack 1 installed.

Please note that Windows 7 is now past it’s “End of Life”, and is no longer supported by Microsoft, thus no more security updates. It is highly recommended to upgrade to a currently maintained operating system. As you can’t use Windows 10, you could consider installing Linux.

So I can use audacity If I update that “Microsoft c++ redistributable for visual studio” right?

Yes I think that should work, but note that Windows 7 is no longer officially supported so we may not be able to help if there are other problems.