Error Importing


I am using version 2.1.1. I am not sure if we got it via .exe or .zip (sorry)

My specific error message is ".aup is an audacity project file. Use the File>Open Command to open audacity projects.

Unfortunately this is not working for me.

I have attached the file.
02-10-1-PT2.aup (83.8 KB)
I have the corresponding folder of .au files as well, but unfortunately without the .aup file working, there’s no way I can get the .au files in the right sequence haha.

would love some assistance on this please.


I have the corresponding folder of .au files as well,

Were any files moved? Maybe the project can’t find the AU files?

I don’t know if this will help you, but take a look at [u]Managing Audacity Projects[/u].

Nope. The _data folder for this .aup is in the same folder…

Would there be any way to rectify?

Unfortunately as you can see if you open the AUP file, it only contains “nulls” and will appear empty if opened in Notepad. It can’t be used for opening the project.

Was there a crash when you saved the project, or did you sleep, hibernate or turn off the computer before the project finished saving?

If this was a recording you never edited, you can follow to sort the AU files by time, rename them and then recover them to one or more WAV files.

If the project was anything else, I an afraid it is unrecoverable other than importing the AU files from the _data folder and trying to piece them together in the correct order. Did you ever export a WAV from this project, or save it as another AUP file at an earlier stage? Both are good practices in case disaster strikes.