Error Importing on 2.4.2 version

Hey everyone…trying to load a saved project into Audacity and this is the msg that pops up…“C:\Users B-Roll\Documents\Audacity(name of the file)” is an Audacity Project File. Use the ‘File>Open’ command to open Audacity Projects…I am using ‘File>Open’ as I do with every saved project. I’ve yet to encounter this issue with any other saved project and I checked several of them to make sure it wasn’t an issue and, they all open normally…PLEASE help! Why won’t this particular file open??

What is the file extension of “name of the file”?

The entire error importing msg reads…“C:\Users\McAllister B-Roll\Documents\Audacity\EP_9.aup” is an Audacity Project file. Use the ‘File > Open’ command to open Audacity Projects…which I have. That’s how I open every saved project.

Please attach the “EP_9.aup” file to your reply (See:
I suspect the file is corrupt, which is something that I can check very easily.

Here you go…Thanks for the effort!
EP_9.aup.aup (89 KB)

As I suspected, that file is (totally) corrupted.

Is it possible that project could have been created with Audacity 2.2.1?

Yes, I believe that was the version. I downloaded 2.4.2 after it was recommended I update.

There was a bug in the 2.2.1 version. If “Save As” was used to update the current project (rather than just using “Save” or “Ctrl + S”), the project was corrupted. I suspect that’s what happened with that project.

Argh!! So, she’s a goner? In the future, use ‘Save’ instead of ‘Save As’?

Unfortunately yes.

It doesn’t matter so much now because the bug has been fixed, but normally you would use “Save” unless you wish to save the project with a different name or different location.

Example 1:
Saving a new project that hasn’t previously been saved:
“File menu > Save Project > Save Project (Ctrl + S)”
You will be prompted to specify a name and where to save it.

Example 2:
Saving a project that has been previously saved:
“File menu > Save Project > Save Project (Ctrl + S)”
The saved project is updated.

Example 3:
Saving an existing project with a new name:
“File menu > Save Project > Save Project As…”
You will be prompted to specify a new name for the project and where to save it.

Thanks a lot for answering my questions. Appreciate it!

This bug has not been fixed. I updated Audacity to 2.4.2 yesterday since I was back to doing some work using it. I created a new project and used Save As to save it. I have a couple of programs that use a default name and location if I don’t do that.

Yesterday, spent hours editing a project. Then closed it and went to bed. This morning, I recorded some quick audio projects before returning to work on yesterday’s project.

All three projects will not open, and give the very same error as OP.

Looking at the file, it appears to be well-formed XML, with no obvious syntax errors.

OS: Windows 10
Audacity Version: 2.4.2

The bug I was referring to was 100% repeatable. Are you able to reproduce the problem? If so, please give precise steps to allow us to reproduce the issue.

What steve said. Also note that in the 2.2.1 bug the .aup file did not contain well-formed XML.