Error Importing message when trying to recover un-saved file

I am using Windows 7, Audacity 2.1.2, and I obtained the zip

My computer ran out of battery as I was editing audio on Audacity. After charging, I tried to open the file, which was saved to my desktop. It opened and asked me if I want to recover unsaved projects. I selected “Recover” and one file was recovered, but the bigger file was NOT and I am getting the message “Error Importing”- “Audacity does not recognize this file”. It suggests trying to import the raw data, but that did not work for me. It just turned into one long beep.

Any help would be much appreciated. Two pieces of the file were imported, but one piece was recorded directly on my computer, so I may have lost the audio. Hopefully not!


I think you can probably write that project off in terms of recovering it by any automatic means. It is Impossible to tell for sure without looking at the AUTOSAVE recovery file, but as that file is not a text file, convoluted steps are needed to convert it to human-readable form.

If you look in the _data folder for the project, assuming you saved it successfully at least once, you could see if there is a run of AU files with consistent timestamps that increment by a few seconds for each file or pair of files. If there is, those files will probably be at least part of your recording and you “may” be able to recover them by hand. Have a look at