error code22

still having issues transporting recorded files from audacity to windows media player for playing or burning a CD in ? media player says cannot play file might not support the file or the codec used to compress file in audacity. data aup. could not load. strangely I did try to access the disc burning command through the file explorer after a search for the particular music wav file in the music library and it looked as though everything was a go including the disc ejection after burning but when I tried it in my vehicle CD player it gave me error code 22 ? This same music file after recording from vinyl through turntable to computer onto audacity, when I played it back the last two songs on the file played back at the maximum level, something I am still having issues with in manual recording level, but the beginning songs on the same track played back at lower volume ? I uninstalled and reinstalled audacity program made little difference ?
I have had a painfully but successful recordings in past use but now it is a mystery ?

AUP isn’t a sound file. It’s an Audacity Project Manager file. It’s computer programming.

File > Export the work as WAV (Microsoft), 16-bit, Stereo and that file should slide right into Windows Media.


If that is still an issue, please look at the reply you received meter level control - #5 by Gale_Andrews and give us an answer to the questions we asked there.

Reinstalling Audacity does not change your saved Audacity settings. If you want to reset your settings to factory defaults, run the installer and look out for the “Select Additional Tasks” screen. In that screen, put a check (tick) in the “Reset Preferences” box. Complete the installation. On launching Audacity, a dialogue will appear where you can confirm if you want to reset preferences just this once, or not. Say yes.

In Windows Media Player to right of the “Burn” tab there is an icon with a tick in it and a downwards-pointing arrow. Click the arrow and choose “Audio CD”.