Error Code 9997 on Mac

I’m having so many problems making Audacity work on my MacBook Pro, I’m beginning to think they’re incompatible.

After spending hours overcoming various problems, I’m now getting Error code 9997. I confirmed that both Audacity and my Mac are set on the same sample (I’ve tried both 44,100 and 48,000.) I am trying to record simple spoken audio tracks, not overdubbing or doing anything remotely fancy.

Does anybody have any ideas on how I can fix this damn error code? Or should I just give up on Audacity and move on to a different program?

No idea what error code 9997 (or more probably -9997?) should be. Some Mac guru (or Google) could probably find out for you what the error code means.

You did not tell what macOS you use
You did not tell what version of Audacity you use
You did not tell anything about your hardware
You did not tell anything about what you did before you get the error

I can just confirm that various versions of Audacity are running perfectly on all Macs I owned so far, running different versions of the operating system.

error -9997 = “cannotSetWidthOfAttachedController” - whatever this means.

See a probably quite complete list of error codes at this page.

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