Error code -9996

I am trying to use Audacity to record soundbites. I am using VoiceMod, as my recordings are primarily online. I keep getting “Error Opening recording device. Error code: -9996 Invalid device.” All devices are enabled in sound options. I have uninstalled and fresh installed Audacity and VoiceMod. I have made sure all drivers are up to date. A friend is running the same setup, but they are having no issues. Any help is appreciated.

Here is what Audacity gives me with:
“timestamp”: 1640048608,
“event_id”: “b38b42c58d50ba4d87e23f59b20dad5d”,
“platform”: “native”,
“release”: “audacity@3.1.2”,
“contexts”: {
“os”: {
“type”: “os”,
“name”: “Windows”,
“version”: “10.0.19042”
“exception”: {
“values”: [
“type”: “Error”,
“value”: “Error opening recording device.\nError code: -9996 Invalid device.”,
“mechanism”: {
“type”: “runtime_error”,
“handled”: false