Error code -9986 - PLEASE HELP

I got this cassette recording device today and i am trying to download a cassette onto my computer. I downloaded the audacity application from their website. Plugged the cassette player into my computer and started to record. After about 1-2 minutes the application 'unexpectedly quits". When I reopen the application and try to record again, I get this error code -9986. I have to quit the application again and then when I reopen it, it will allow me to record for 1-2 minutes and then it starts all over again. I have attached a picture of the error code.


Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 4.56.48 PM.png

What version of Audacity do you have? Where did you get it? What is the brand name of the device? What version of macOS are you running? What model of Mac?

Please have a look at the steps on this page.

– Bill

And see here:

on this page: