Error code -9887 invalid sample rate after Audio download

Hi, I have a Logictech HD Pro Webcam C920 with the latest uploads that I use to do my voice introductions for the music I will play.When I first open a show I use the Logitech HD to make my announcements, It has stereo mics and works perfectly. So far so good. Next I import an AIFF audio file from my files. Again so far so good. After that I hit the record button and try and use the same Logitech device I had just used at the beginning and get an error message box that says “Error opening recording device, Error code 9887 invalid sample rate” . I do not change anything between the first voice audio and the second attempt other than importing the Audio file. I am working on a windows 7, Lenovo Desktop about 4 years old that has all of the uploads from prior support. I posted this on a local network of friends and one of the responses, from someone far more computer literate said he had experienced the same problem previously as did one other person who is also rather adept at computer management. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks, Purple Mike!

What are you using as the playback device?

If you look in the Windows Sound settings, is your webcam listed as a recording device?