Error: Can't find project data folder [SOLVED]

I have used Audacity for conducting interviews in the past with no problems. This time, when I go to open the file, I get the error message: “Couldn’t find the project data folder” and the file will not open. However, if I go into the project file, there are dozens (more than a hundred) tiny six-second long .aup files with segments of the interview in them, so the data is there. I’m under a deadline and a bit freaked out - this has not ever happened before when I’ve used Audacity for this purpose, and right now I have two irreplaceable interviews for a research study on here that I can’t open, though all of the information (in six second long pieces) seems to still be there. Help…???

Nowhere in there did you say that the _data folder was in the same directory or folder as the .aup file. That’s required for them to find each other.

I don’t quite understand what that means (sorry!). I did the same “Save project as” procedure I have always done (and that I retested today). Is there anything I can do to make this file “work” again?

Nevermind. I drug one into the other and then back out again, and now magically they work. Thanks!

Are you in Lion? Koz