Error access code violation crash save override - help please

Hey there,
I’ve been using audacity for years… this is TWICE this happened in the last week. I save all tracks then mix and render. Audacity crashes while it’s in mix and rendered form. I go to open and it says it’s recovered to the last snap shot because it didn’t save properly. Do I want to open and I click no, because I want all my stems… I go to open my last save and it’s still in mix and rendered form. Like the snap shot overrode my save. And MAYBE the last save didn’t take, but I save all the stems every time I make adjustments… so there should be at least ONE saved version with all my stems, but the crash error twice now has overrode my saved file and replaced it with the last snap shot. Is there any way to undo this? This song was almost finished twice now and I’ve had to redo it twice… taken me extra weeks. I should say multiple crashes happening since the last two updates… running 3.5.1 - in 4 years of using audacity it has NEVER done this.

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