Error 9999

Recently reloaded Audacity and am getting 9999 error code when I try to record.
Also not getting audio signal for USB or my lap top mic. Any help greatly appreciated!!!

Hi DocHolidaze#1,
The information(s) contained in the Audacity Forum recent POST & REPLIES may be of an assist to your issue.
Respectfully, ZARDOZ

I am unable to record through my zoom uac 2 audio interface. The mic I am using is Samson C03. I have tried all the methods given in this forum but no success.The driver shows in the audacity app but does not record. The error shown is error 9999 unanticipated host error. I have done the settings, control panel and device manager settings. All of them show in a proper working condition. KIndly help.

Same problem. Have you recently backed up your computer or downloaded audacity updates? I went back to audacity 2.1 and no longer get the 9999
Nothing else resolved the issue.
Good luck