Error -9999

Hey all,

I’m getting the infamous error:

Error opening recording device.
Error code: -9999 Unanticipated host error.

Some details:

Mic - Rode Nt1a
USB Interface - Focusrite Scarlett Solo
Audacity 2.3.3 on Windows 10

I’ve gone through the help files in the Audacity manual on this error,

I’ve also checked that microphone is enabled in the Windows privacy settings.

Format on the mic in windows is set to 1-channel, 16 bit 44100 Hz. Skype works and I believe the built in voice recorder app works. I can’t even monitor the audio, but the Focusrite is coming up as an input and output in Audacity preferences, and I can select it in the mic and sound bar at the top of Audacity.

Skype and Cakewalk can both pick up on the Focusrite. Neither are currently open (so shouldn’t be using the mic)

I’ve also tried MME / DirectSound. WASAPI gives me error -9996.

There is no security software other than Windows Defender, which isn’t blocking any mic use at present.

Any thoughts?

I get the same error. I checked dozens of things. At first I thought the error message is related to the device (USB). But windows build in recorder is able to save the USB-audio stream and Audacity can’t open ANY audio device for recording. All known permissions for device usage (microphone…) exist.
Do you found a solution?

If you have ASIO4All installed, ensure that it isn’t running.

I also faced same problem.

All of a sudden today when i try to record a song, i got following error “error opening recording device. Error code -9997, invalid sample rate”.

My two cents worth.

Windows 10, 64 bit, Audacity v2.4.2
Some Japanese characters are translated below.

I don’t know whether the following would work for everyone but I hope it does to some.

After doing the following, I was able to record songs properly like I used to before.


  1. I uninstalled and re-installed Audacity 2.4.2 again

  2. I changed settings as follows:

Windows WASAPI [previous same setting]

Mic speaker (Realtec High Definition Audio) for loopback
[previous setting: internal mic Realtec High Definition Audio]

2 Stereo recording channel [previous same setting]

Speaker Realtec (High Definition Audio) [previous same setting]

Thanks for reporting back. Glad you found a solution that worked for you, and thank you for sharing it. :smiley: