Error 9997 when recording through DDJ-400 (WASAPI)


I’m trying to record a mix through my DDJ-400 controller, using the following settings:
-Audio host: Windows WASAPI
-Recording device: DDJ-400 (loopback)
-Recording channels: tried both stereo and mono
-Playback device: DDJ-400

I have checked the sample rate of the controller, which is 44.1 kHz and thus the same as the standard Audacity sample rate. Both are set to 24 bit as well. Still, I get the “Error opening recording device. Error code: -9997 Invalid Sample rate” error. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Pioneer’s website says that’s a controller for “rekordbox”, so why do you need to use Audacity for recording?

I might have used to wrong phrasing with “mix”, I’m using a script to record individual songs and would like to record through my controller, as the soundcard is better than my laptop’s.

As a follow-up answer, I have a fully-working script for Audacity, so I would prefer to use that instead of delving into any rekordbox scripting capabilities.

What sort of script?

So you want to use the DDJ-400 as a “sound card”? Can the DDJ-400 do that?