Error 9986 with Focusrite Scarlett

I set up my Focusrite to my Mac os10.15 operating system and used audacity and it was working- then I moved my computer and did some other things - I also downloaded to ACX analyzer. When I hooked it back up to the focus rite I’m getting an error message 9986 for the internal port audio. I searched for solutions on this thread and tried what I saw, The wires seem connected. MY privacy is set to allow microphone and my sound for input and output is set to the Scarlett. What am I missing/doing wrong?? Thanks!

Since you have searched through the audacity forums for help, why not try checking that Catalina is seeing your scarlett:

Hello, I just loaded Audacity 3.1.2 on my Mac Pro Monterey and now I can’t get Audacity to record with my SE2300 mic through my Scarlett Solo interface for the pas year. I am getting the Codec 9986 error and I am terrible frustrated as this has never happened. And yes I checked my privact settings and they are indeed set for my microphone. Can anyone help?

3.1.2 had a bug that could cause this error. Upgrade to at least 3.1.3. The current release is 3.2.4.