Error-9986 Internal PortAudio Error + Devices showing only 1 (Mono) Chanel

I recently replaced my 2011 Mac with the latest (2020) 27" Mac running macOS Big Sur Version 11.3. And I am running Audacity Version 3.0.2. On my old 2011 Mac, I was connecting IONTape2PC, from RCA Twin Out put jacks to the Mac’s dedicated External Mike outlet, through twin 3.5 plug-single 3.5 plug cable.

I used the older versions of Audacity to convert several tapes to MP3s as stereo recordings, without any problems. Loved the Audacity older versions. But since last one month I am struggling to connect to IONTape2PC to the Mac and have the Audacity work. I keep getting Error 9986. Also the Audacity/Preference/Devices indicates only 1(Mono) Chanel.

I have tried connecting via USB A port, USB C port on the Mac. On the IONTape2PC, I have also tried the built in USB B port for connections. Even tried using PHOINIKAS T-10 USB Sound Card Hub. But all to no avail. PLEASE HELP. I am losing patience.

The 2011 iMac had a stereo line input. The 2020 iMac does not. You will need to connect the Ion via USB.

Connect the ION using USB, then go to Apple (menu) > System Preferences > Sound > Input. You should see a USB connection available in the list. If not, then your Mac is not seeing the Ion and neither will Audacity.

If you do see the USB connection in the list, click on it then start playing a tape. Does the input level meter bounce?

If your iMac is seeing the connection to the Ion, and is seeing an input level, start Audacity. You should be able to select the Ion as the Recording Device in the Device toolbar.

– Bill

Despite the fact that the Mac preferences sees the USB input, and also the audacity sees the same USB input, it does not work. Error 9986 persists. I even tried using Garage Band for recording but even that does not work.
. I have tried several permutations of connections, nothing works. Error 9986 remains. I think the problem is that the IONTape2PC is NOT compatible with Mac OS Big Sur, and the computer keeps looking of its “drivers”. This is confirmed also by ION web site. There is NO way for this to work.

The problem about seeing only 1 (Mono) Chanel does not occur because there is NO recording happening.

So I have abandoned the process/project. I am going to use an independent converting device that is supposed to save the MP3s on a USB drive. Will then import into Audacity to improve the recordings.