Error 404 for 2 pages in tuts

On this page:

The link for the “78 rpm recording” tutorial and the “making ringtones” tutorial give a “page not found” error, and the “return” link goes to the manual, instead of the tutorials page.

Broken links:

And this link takes minutes and a few retries to load:

Subsequent links seem to load at normal speed, tho. So it might be a temporary DNS glitch.

I just tested both links from the main page:

and from the Tutorials page:

and the links work fine - so I’m puzzled …

The wikieducator site is not ours it is a third-party site


Yep. From the manual page they seem to work. But not from the tutorial page. And they are the exact same URL.

Now we’re both puzzled :laughing:

I presume that you mean “Recording 78 rpm records” and “Making Ringtones and IVR nessages”.
Both links work fine for me. Perhaps you need to clear your web browser cache (your web browser will probably do that automatically, eventually).

Thanks, I fixed the two links on

If you were seeing our custom 404 page as intended there is no “return” link.


Thx, Gale. It’s fixed.

If you were seeing our custom 404 page as intended > > there is no “return” link.

I chose the wrong words. Sorry.

It’s the link “Go to Home Page of Manual”. I does what it says, only I was coming from the tutorials page. Seemed counterintuitive. But now I realize it’s your standard 404 page, so it’s not an “easy fix”.

You wanted to go to the Manual, though. Does your keyboard have a back button?

I added a “Go Back” button (it does nothing if you have Javascript turned off). Let me know if you want to keep that.

It would be more useful if we had a proper Index for the Manual, or a Search Box, that we could link to instead.


I do have a “back” button, but that won’t work in this case, as I opened the page in a new tab…

However, it’s not for me, it’s the first time user I was thinking about.

Thanks for the js solution. That’ll do the job!

It won’t, in the case of opening the link in a new tab. It just uses History back() which is the same as using the Back button in a browser.