error 2: No such file or directory

I have about 60 tracks that I am trying to export as individual tracks… Most of the tracks are exported but when it reaches a certain track, I get this error, (error 2: No such file or directory). Can someone explain why that is and how I can correct this please.

What is the file name that is failing?
Are you using Export Multiple? If so, are you using labels to provide the file name?

Yes I am using track names to file it

OK, and what is the name of the track where the export fails?
– Bill

Name of the track: Hey Ya! - Radio Mix / Club Mix - OutKast

I think I got it sorted out now… Thanks for your help… The name had / in it!!

That will be it.

For other readers, the “/” character is a special character that should not be used in file names because it is a file path separator (so “Hey Ya! - Radio Mix / Club Mix - OutKast” looks like a file called “Club Mix - OutKast” in a folder called “Hey Ya! - Radio Mix”)

For other readers on Mac OS X (the board this is posted to), the file separator / is legitimate and can be used in file names. OS X translates the “/” internally to a colon. It is a bug in Audacity that “/” is allowed for straight export but fails in export multiple.

If you use “/” in saved file names the “/” appears as a colon in Audacity. It’s better not to use “/” , but you can. On Windows and Linux, you absolutely cannot use “/” in file names.