error 0x080070570

I’m on Windows 10 with Audacity 3.0.4

So during import of other audio into the AUP3 file a disc error occurred. Disk space or something, I wasn’t paying attention because I thought that if I shut everything down and opened the AUP3 file without having saved anything I could just start over.

Except it didn’t. The WAL and SHM files are still there, after shutting down and restarting Audacity and my computer.

I hadn’t backed up this file yet, and would really like to hear that there’s literally anything I can do to salvage the base file

Looking on the web it seems to be a common problem.

You’ve done the right thing by shutting down all apps that are not needed.

Are you right clicking and selecting OPEN WITH.

Try opening Audacity (make sure its working ok) and then try OPEN or IMPORT options.

AUP3 project files are databases. It’s important to always close Audacity properly before shutting down because there’s always a “live” database while Audacity is open. When quitting Audacity properly, Audacity will close all databases before quitting. Forcing Audacity to quit (such as by shutting down the computer while Audacity is running) runs the risk of corrupting the database.

When you launched Audacity, did it complain about not being shut down properly, and/or offer to recover a previous project?
If it did, then select the option to recover the project, and save it with a new (unique) name.

If it didn’t, try opening the AUP3 from Audacity’s “File menu > Open”.