Erroneous objects in middle of 2.3.0 screen

(My Mac OS is 10.14.2) I just downloaded 2.3.0 onto my Imac, having been warned that the one I had (2.1.1) won’t work with future Mac OS updates. Please see attached screenshot of what it now looks like. Why are those objects in the middle of the screen? (There seems to be 2 of them overlaid.) They can’t be deleted or moved, and in any case there’s obviously some problem with the download. Should I uninstall and try to download again?? What is the best procedure to uninstall Audacity? Thank you!
Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 12.05.22 PM.jpg

That is just a minor glitch that is easily fixed:

  1. Click on the Audacity window to ensure that it is the “active” application.
  2. “View menu > Toolbars > Reset Toolbars”

Thanks so much! One never knows whether one has encountered a small glitch or tumbled into some hellish vortex!