Equalizing Audio On Interview Video

Windows 10; Audacity 2.3.3. I created a beautiful video in ShotCut (SC), but can’t figure out how to deal with my problem there, so I am wondering if this task would be easier in Audacity. The task is a simple one; The sound is uneven throughout, and I want to even up the volume. None of SC’s solutions seem to work. How would I separate the audio from the video, transfer the audio into Audacity, run it through Audacity in order to equalize the audio (Normalize), and then re-attach the audio to the video?

If FFmpeg is installed in Audacity, you can drag-n-drop video into Audcaity, whereupon the audio will be ripped from it.

Then you could use Audcaity’s envelope tool to even-out the volume …

You need software other than Audacity to add new audio to video. Your video editor may be able to do it.