I am transferring vinyl lp onto a hard drive… Can you equalize before recording or can you equalize only in plackback before you burn to a disc?

Audacity doesn’t so anything in real time, so you would capture the work, Export or Save it, apply filters and corrections and then Export for CD burning. Audacity doesn’t burn a thing, so you need an Audio CD Authoring Program such as iTunes or Windows Media.

Crank through this. There’s a lot of good stuff in there.



I am transferring vinyl lp onto a hard drive

How? If it was simple, you might be doing it wrong.


If all fails read the instructions. Thanks actually your first reply about capturing in rt pretty well summed it up. I will read the link for manual you sent- to answer 2nd question I am using stand alone turntable into pre amp with usb output -I captured first tunes tonight and so far so good. thanks again

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