Equalization settings seem to change

I have 9 songs that need their own eqing but I am finding that when I eq a song, save it and move on to a new song with a new eq setting it will change the setting of the last song when I bring it back up. I know this sounds confusing but if anyone has experienced this and could lend a hand it would be greatly appreciated. cheers

You’re using a lot of fuzzy words there. Save after equalizing or Export? Move On to a new song and Bring it Back Up.

Are you Importing and Exporting a collection of individual song files, or working on one single Audacity Project with many songs in it? If the latter and you really are Saving, you may be repeatedly equalizing the same song again and again along with new work.

Fill us in.


Thanks Koz, maybe I am not saving the song correctly?..After I download and eq one of my songs, I export it to another file folder. Then I open another song, eq it (differently from the first one) and export it to the same file folder. I am finding that the first song mimics the 2nd songs same eqing effect which is a head scratcher? I;d like each song to have it;s own eq effect if need be.
I will keep trying.

I am finding that the first song mimics the 2nd songs same eqing effect which is a head scratcher?

That’s correct. It’s a head-scratcher.

Do the two sound files appear to have eq interference if you play them on a different computer or player?


That is what you’re supposed to be doing, yes. That’s how I’d be doing it.

Can you make it worse?

If you make radical and different changes to each sound file, such as one file has nothing above 3000 and the other has nothing below, do you still get cross-file interference and if so, is the outcome a mix of the two?


Please have a look at the pink panel at the top of the page and answer the questions.

Do you have Audacity 2.0.6 from Audacity ® | Download for Windows? 2.0.3 had serious bugs in Equalization when using the graphic sliders.


Hi Gale, I have Audacity 2.0.5 and am using Windows 7.

Koz, I am still trying to figure it out and am experimenting.
thanks for your help

Do the tracks sound as if they have the correct EQ before you export them?

What format are you exporting them to? MP3 is lossy and disposes of higher frequencies. Use WAV if you want the file to sound as it was in the Audacity track.


I am very confident that either you are doing something wrong, not taking something obvious into account or there is a hitherto unknown Audacity bug that we could correct.

As I said, MP3 is lossy.

Where exactly are you playing the first song when it sounds as if it has the EQ of the second song? Audacity cannot modify files after you export them.