Equalization effect bug

Hello, I’m trying to save an equalization curve, but it won’t let me. Following shows what happens when I try to save said equalization curve. The curve eliminates all bass in a song from 20Hz - 250Hz.

  1. Creating EQ curve applying -120dB to frequencies below 250Hz.
  2. Clicking Save/Manage Curves, renaming ‘unnamed’ to ‘Bass_Cut’, then clicking OK.
  3. After clicking OK, I view said curve but the whole curve is flattened.

Why does this happen? :confused: I have never experienced this problem before when using Audacity.(Sorry if anything is unclear/wrong, it’s my first time posting in this forum.)

Using Linux Mint 19.3(Cinnamon 64-bit), Audacity 2.2.1, installed Audacity using distribution’s release.

You are using a older version of Audacity, a couple of releases ago we replaced the Equalization effect with two new effects: Filter Curve EQ and Graphic EQ.

The Save/Manage Curves was known to be buggy - in the new effects there is a Manage button which enables you to save and restore user presets.


Thanks - I will install the latest version of Audacity and use the EQ Curves there!