Equalization Effect bug

Have just started playing with 2.2.0, on Win 8.1. And noticed that Audacity has become confused when the Project Rate and imported file rates don’t match.

Project rate is 44100, import a webm file, which turns out to be 48000. Immediately open Equalization Effect window, and the frequency scale goes up to 300,000Hz. Apply an effect, and the frequencies targeted are wrong.

New project, import webm, equalization scaling is correct.

Not on WAVs. Maybe the problem is specific to webm files.

OK, may be a false alarm. There was another track there, from some time ago, that had the rate set at 768000Hz - and the EQ took that as the frequencies of interest in the 48K track, even though the higher rate track wasn’t selected. I just looked at an older version of Audacity, and saw this same behaviour, when I repeated the steps - so this may be a “normal” behaviour, that I hadn’t noticed before.