Equalization and echo get modified during exportation !


I’m not a native English-speaker but I’ll do my best !
I’m having trouble when using exportation of what I just recorded.
I’m using Audacity 2.0.2 with Windows Vista and I’m currently trying to record several guitar tracks with a microphone that I place in front (30 cm) of the guitar. I really get a very good quality of sound when I listen to the tracks I’ve recorded and when I edit them. But as soon as I make the exportation (I tried every format, mp3-wav-flac-ogg), when I listen to that new wav file for instance, the sound is completely different from what I could listen to in Audacity. So I wonder : what’s the point of having such a good quality in Audacity when the mp3/wav I get out of it is so bad ?
This is what happens with the exported file : it sounds like the equalization has been completely changed ! There’s a lot of bass and very low treble sounds. I can hear a very deep resonance coming from the body of my guitar (i play flamenco) that I couldn’t hear when listening to my record directly on Audacity.

It’s really frustrating because I’d just like the mp3/wav file I export to sound as close as possible to my original Audacity record…

Thank you for your help in advance ! Have a good night,


when I listen to that new wav file for instance, the sound is completely different

How are you listening to the music? Let’s stick to WAV files until we fix the problem. WAV files have no natural distortion unlike MP3. If you Import the guitar music export back into Audacity, is it good?

When you record your guitar, are you creating a single blue wave – a mono recording?

Can you select a tiny portion of music and post it here on the forum? Use WAV, not MP3.



My guess is that the media player that you are using to play the exported files is applying its own effects.
Try importing the files back into a new Audacity project - do they sound good?


Thank you for answering so fast. I just tried importing the file back to Audacity and the sound was perfect, just like before exportation. Then I just tried using another media player and it turns out it was probably the media player I had been using when listening to what I just exported which was giving me all that horrible bass signals and resonance !
I was using Windows Media Player, which opens automatically every audio file even though I normally never use it ! I tried then on iTunes and the result was way closer to my original record. I feel so stupid not having tried to play it on a different media player…
Anyway thank you for your help. But just in case, what media player do you recommend for getting as less modifications as possible on the original record ?

Thanks !


Personally I like Foobar2000. It looks very basic and bare-bones, but like Audacity it is a lot more capable than its simple appearance might suggest. It can play almost any audio file, has good support for metadata and can even convert files to other file formats. It is lightweight and responsive and above all it plays audio files really well (and it’s free :slight_smile:)

Windows Media Player - it has an equalizer and some effects built in - if you hunt around the interface you should be able to find where to turn them off.