Equalising existing audiobooks

Hi All,

I have a bunch of audiobooks that I think were copied from tape to digital and the quality of the files vary significantly.
Is there a way to edit them so they all sound the same?

Steve made an experimental Audacity plugin which can match equalization,
see … https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/combining-analyze-and-equalize/28133/4
It works, but is complicated to use,
(but once you’ve mastered it, it’s a lot quicker than doing it manually).

Note that it is easy to reduce the sound quality, but it is generally not possible to make a poor quality recording sound like a high quality recording. For example, an audio file in a highly compressed MP3 format may have permanent and irreparable MP3 artefacts, and may be missing high frequencies. High frequencies cannot be “put back” if they are missing, so the only way to make a super high quality recording, and a poor quality MP3 to sound the same, would be to make the high quality recording sound as bad as the poor quality MP3.

Are the audiobooks still available on-line? You might be far better buying the ones you want to listen to, depending on how valuable your time is.

I can get audiobooks from both the Los Angeles City and the Los Angeles County libraries for the cost of walking over and presenting my library card(s).


Ive not checked.
Not sure I would want to buy them, talking about 16 different books. Not only would it be costly but depending on the source, audible for example, i would have to go through a ton of editting to get it in to a useable format. I was hoping for an easier solution.

Also, I checked on one set of just 3 books and the guy reading it sounds utterly awful, not like a human, but more like a computer generated voice.