Equalisation Question aboutAudacity 2.0.5 instalked from Exe

Hi there, first post so if in the wrong section apologies and maybe mods can move. Have been watching a few youtube videos about Audacity and they suggested using the “Accoustic” curve on the Equalisation popup. In my version no “Accoustic” appears on the Select Curve dropdown in the Equalisation pop-up. Is there a reason for this?

Moral of the story - please don’t look at YouTube videos unless you see us officially recommending a specific video. YouTube videos can be for old versions of Audacity (or simply, plain wrong).

The “acoustic” curve was a generalised curve in legacy Audacity 1.2 for pre-electrical 78 RPM discs. That curve is generally agreed now as a “mistake” - there were hundreds of pre-electrical curves in practice, often very different to each other.

If you are actually transferring shellac recordings and want most of the 1.2 curves for old recordings, see Missing features - Audacity Support.

Also see Missing features - Audacity Support and Recording 78rpm records .


Thanks for that