Equaling out to voices on one track.

I recently did a 25 hour stream of a challenge in the game Pokemon Fire Red with a friend of mine. We had two separate feeds put on the same page. He had his game on his stream, and I had my game and both of our voices on mine. I was going to make a video series out of this stream and everyone that watched/missed the stream are excited for it! The problem is, the file has my voice, my friend’s voice, and the game audio all on the same track. On top of that, it was a really long stream so we moved away from our microphones quite a bit. I got really low during some parts, and he was generally louder than me the whole time. Is there an easy (By easy, I mean automatic as I really can’t go through a full days worth of audio) way to bring our voices to around the same level?
Or maybe a way to bring him down lower, then I can boost us both?
I’ve attached a 20 second audio clip from the stream. Hopefully someone can help find a solution.

Thanks in advance!

Try the [u]Leveler Effect[/u].