Audacity 2.4.2
Windows 10

Is it possible to get back the Equalizer from previous Audacity builds? I used the presets in there quite often. Or is there anywhere to get those preset settings?
Thanks in advance


I don’t know that they’re all that different. They’re called different things. Effect > Graphic Eq and Effect > Filter Curve.


Basically what I’m looking for are the factory presets from the old Equalization settings

I suppose I can just download an earlier version of Audacity and use the Equalization from that.


Manage > Factory Presets.

Screen Shot 2020-12-01 at 13.46.01.png

I suppose I can just download an earlier version of Audacity and use the Equalization from that.

That is an option.


But then you do lose a lot of bug-fixing that we’ve done since the older version …


For some reason, I could not find any equalizers in my Effects menu. I was able to correct the problem by going to Tools > Add/Remove Plug-ins (Why is it called Add/Remove Plug-Ins in the menu, but “Manage Plug-ins” in the title window?). Then I located “Filter Curve” and “Graphic Equalizer” and “Enabled”.

Then these two effect appeared in the Effects Menu. :smiley:

(Why do the Filter Curve and Graphic EQ have different sets of Presets? - Should they be the same?)

The Graphic Eq has a maximum boost / cut of about 20 dB, so it cannot produce Eq settings such as “Low Roll-off for speech” which has close to 100 dB attenuation at 50 Hz.

I could not find any equalizers in my Effects menu.

Oh, I can make that worse. Research and find an effect, download it, launch Audacity > Tools > Nyquist Plug-In Installer.

Now launch the job and use the plug-in, right? … Right? … No?

No, now I have to Effect > Add/Remove Plugins, find the new effect > Enable it > OK. Don’t forget the Enable step, because then the other steps are for naught. Sort you made the mistake. Go back into Add/Remove Plugins, Find the new effect > Enable it > OK.

Back to the performance > Effect > “New Plugin.”

By then it’s lunch time so go heat up that left-over Arby’s roast beef sandwich and make fresh coffee.

I recognize hold-over programming. This is what happens when a simple decision in the dim, distant past gets added onto, stepping-stoned, and enhanced instead of burned off, hosed down and started over (said the non-developer).

I know someone is going to bring up the editors who bulk-install thousands of effects and plugins and then cherry pick the ones they want on a day-to-day basis. They are the special case, not the poor new user trying to get one custom plugin to work.

There shouldn’t be anything between Tools > Installer, above, and open the work > Effect > use the new plugin. The Unicorns with thousands of plugins can have Nyquist Bulk Plug-Ins Installer.


Missed one.

Why do I need to know what kind of plugin it is? Audacity should tell me if it can’t figure it out.

“I have no idea what you have there, but it’s not a plugin type I recognize.”


:smiley: Yes, I think Steve said the Nyquist Plug-in Installer was written in Nyquist and he was unable to Enable it there…

Consider my question solved and closed
Bob H