EQ on the fly

Hi Audacity,
This program looks great!!
I’m a new bee and I’ve been poking around and fooling with interface etc.
There is something that I really like but can’t seem to get going, EQing on the fly.
Is that not possible?


Audacity is a post production program and doesn’t do anything in real time.


Real-time effects is the highest rated “feature request” http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Feature_Requests
Feel free to register on the wiki and add your vote, or I could add your vote for you if you prefer.

Personally I think that real-time EQ is so important that it should be treated as a special case separate from the more general issue of real-time effects and have posted a note about this on the bottom of the discussion page: http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Talk:Feature_Requests
Feel free to comment.

The first thing I do when I’m mixing is an EQ balancing thing in my head and each track gets its own allotted amount of EQ in isn’t given frequency.
I do this on the fly and quite quickly so I can keep the reference sounds going around in my head. (There’s not much else in there any way)
All the best

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