EQ curve for Czech 78s

Hi all,

I trying to record an old Czech 78 vinyl. I’m following the step-by-step manual http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/recording_78rpm_records.html and I come stuck after inverting RIAA as I don’t know the Equalization used by ESTA records.

Does anyone know the EQ for ESTA?
If not, is there a way to find it from my record (unlikely but I thought I’d ask).

I recorded the 78rpm using a USB turn table with a generic stylus (couldn’t find a 78 stylus to fit it).
The record label in question is this one that’s mentioned on Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/label/219441-ESTA

Thank you for any advice/help!


78’s are not made from vinyl.

Are you in Eastern Europe? The best answer may be to search for online forums about 78 rpm records, especially any forums that may be in an East European language. There may be someone there that knows.


I will add that you really need to find a 78 stylus (if need be get a different turntable). A modern micro-groove stylus will ride way too low in the grooves and give very poor reproduction (much bigger errors than worrying about the details of the equalization curve).

Once you transcribe the records with the proper stylus, I’d suggest simply adjusting the equalization “too taste”.

I’ll second that. The difference is mainly that RIAA amplifies low frequencies about 20 dB and older eq versions only 10 dB or even less. The rest of the curve is the same. And RIAA is present in Audacity, so it should be easy to adjust from that.

Thank you all!
No I’m in London but I bought the record from Czech Republic. It’s my grandma singing but I’m having to borrow people’s USB vinyl players and trying to find the correct 78 stylus for their players is proving a real nightmare!