Environmental noise on streamed recordings

An old problem I know, …I use a Lenovo G550 laptop running Windows 7, Audaity 2.0.3 from the exe installer, and in a nut shell my only available recording source is the internal microphone resulting in environmental noise on streamed recordings…I am unable to enable stereo mix/wave out settings…I have just about given up trying to get stereo mix enabled on my Conexant Smartaudio HD sound card as it seems according to other forums on the internet to have been disabled by the manufacturer ???
Am now exploring other options as I would dearly love to get Audacity up and running again with this function working…
My question is, how easy is it to set up and configure an external usb sound card to function for this purpose?

Many thanks

Thank you for viewing and any other options or HELP with this problem very much appreciated



There are reasons to disable Stereo Mix. It’s been known to mess up communications/Skype/Windows Messaging. Windows laptops aren’t generic entertainment machines any more. They’re corporate connection and communications devices.

Anyway, I’d be surprised if you couldn’t use the UCA202 we recommend for machines that do not have a good Stereo Line-In connection. It even provides a place to plug headphones so you can hear what’s happening, although you can do that with “Y” cables and a separate sound system.

In this case you would be connecting the input to the output instead of a mixer or other sound production equipment.


If you miss it bad enough, you can also use money-based software in place of Stereo Mix. I think Total Recorder can do that.