Environmental effects

Can I choose a venue effect like “large auditorium” or “small intimate setting” ?

Yes, but maybe not in the way you want. You can turn a small intimate setting into a large auditorium, but you can’t come back.


Just to describe the single-line of this. We can turn a clear, clean, undistorted, quiet, well-behaved recording into almost anything else. That’s my line of being able to record an audiobook in my quiet bedroom on my phone.

What most Forum Posters want is “Help Me Clean Up.” Those always fail. Many Posters submit recordings bad enough to require the Hollywood Solution. Find somebody with a similar voice and re-record the presentation in a studio.


You can also try the AI solutions and get the computer to announce it. That is completely forbidden by ACX Audiobooks and it snaps you straight out of free software. The good ones aren’t cheap.

If you go that route, try to get a package that doesn’t mispronounce some English words. As a listener that makes me crazy. It takes the audience right out of whatever scene they’re trying to build.


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