Envelope Tool

I new to this and using windows XP with Audacity downloaded via the exeLoader. I have ripped a CD to wav and loaded it. I am undoing some of the compression cruelly done to the recording. My problem is that I can’t figure out how to apply the envelope tool to just one channel. I appreciate any help.

Split the stereo channel - click on the little downward-pointing back triangle (LDPBT) in the top right of the Track Control Panel (which is to the left of the waveform display) and use the Split Stereo Track command.

Then you can work on each channel indepently.

When finished click on the LDPBT in the topmost of the two tarcks and use the Make Stero Track command to rejoin the tracks.


Yes there is a “little downward-pointing black triangle” to click on, but clicking anywhere on the “track name” (by default it says “Audio Track”) will do.