envelope is killed after the next change

I do envelope, and then amplify, or change speed ,… and then sometimes (maybe always),

envelope is erased. This doens’t make any sense.

Sometimes I do a tiny aount of bass boost and volume of the piece increases 10 fold. Why so?

Similar things happend wit amplify. I try to drop volume by 10 percent. It drops by 50 percent.
I increase volue by 10 (percent?) it increases 3 fold. Or somthing like this.

“Nyquist effects” have a limitation, that they can’t see envelopes, and just ignore them. The processed sound is returned to the track without an envelope.
A few other effects have the same problem.

This is listed as a known bug in the release notes:

Effects and Analysis

  • The following effects ‘’‘remove envelope control points’‘’:
  • Change Speed/Pitch/Tempo; Equalization; Graphic EQ; Filter Curve; Noise Removal; Sliding Time Scale/Pitch Shift; any Nyquist effect in the Effect menu.
    • The Reverse effect retains the control points, but does not move (reverse) them.

You can “mix and render” (a copy of) the track before you apply changes that would kill the envelope.