Entering the 'album artist' details

Having downloaded a track from a record , how do I edit the ‘album artist’ details in the folder in my music?

[u]Edit → Metadata[/u]

That will embed the information in “tags” in the file and your player software will read that information to organize your library so you can select and play by album, artist, genre, etc., independent from the physical storage location or folder location/structure.

Or, you can use an use a 3rd-party application such as [u]MP3Tag[/u]. MP3Tag works with most audio formats (not just MP3), except it doesn’t work with WAV. With MP3Tag you an optionally select a folder or group of files and add the common information (such as artist, album, year, genre) all at once. MP3tag also supports embedding the album artwork.

Foobar 2000 is good at editing properties of files loaded into a playlist. This can be done with multiple selections if you want every file to have the same values for a particular attribute. When you click apply the tags are changed in the file without the file data being altered. It seems to work OK for wav, flac, and mp3. It is also possible to use “freedb” to automatically tag tracks if they are recognised from the online database.