Entering a label while recording

The Help menus suggest that a label can be entered while a recording is in process by using CTRL-M (Windows) or Command-M (Mac). On my Mac, Command-M has the effect of minimizing, but does not add a label. How can I add a label while in record mode?

Try Command-B.

Command - B works in playback or if just editing the file, but not in record mode.

You have probably to assign a new short cut in the preferences dialog.
The cmd-b command is for creating labels with start and end (regions). This makes of course no sense during recording.

I see what happened. Command-B does create a label, but it does it at time zero and any further labels also stack up at time zero.

No. My Command-M doesn’t work either. I wonder if that’s a bug. Unintended bad or unexpected behavior experienced by multiple people on different machines and easily reproducible.


The cmd-b command is for creating labels with start and end (regions).

News to me. My Labels just identify one single point in time accompanied by an optional text comment.

When all else fails, try the manual :wink: : Audacity Manual

Add Label at Playback Position CTRL + M (Mac: COMMAND + . )
Creates a new, empty label at the current playback or recording position.

Mac people don’t need no stinkin’ instructions.

Yeah, just like my women folks, they prefer to shout and cry it going :wink: