Enhancing Growling/Screaming/Yelling

I would like to know, what can be done in Audacity that best enhances and otherwise optimizes different vocal techniques, particularly the extreme ones (melodic singing does not need much post-production work). This is for heavy music.

I know a flanger can work good on growls. What are other tips?

Most important one: Avoid overloading the equipment.
Ensure that you are using a mic that can handle the volume level (any good stage vocal mic should be OK)
Ensure that the pre-amp gain is low enough to avoid overloading the mic preamp.
Ensure that the recording level is low enough to avoid clipping in the recording.

Adding a bit of distortion to the clean recording can be highly effective in making it sound loud and aggressive, but distortion through overloading the equipment is likely to sound very bad, and there is no way to recover from that other than be re-recording.

Reverb / Echo are also commonly used. There’s no rules about this - use whatever sounds best.


How could I improve that sound to make it sound better and still realistic? Please don’t do it for me, give advice on what effects I can use. If I figure this out it can be done again and again in the future. There are a lot of features in audacity, I want to figure out which ones will really help me.

*I did record it on a lousy chomebook and it may be better if I go to my windows pc. But let’s ignore that for now.

From my own experimentation, the lowest setting on low pass filter is helping.

Other improvements are still welcome to be suggested.