Enhancement of quiet voices with mild noise.

: I wouldn’t be writing this unless I gave it my everything but I’ve been at Audacity now for about a month and just can’t seem to get voices clear enough to understand what’s been said I must someone a background noise. Everytime I try to noise reduce it seems to take away some of the voices integrity as well and ends up sounding digitalized.

I really need help on this one as my marriage is on the line and need to clear what has gone on. No explicit material in this I hope but beware as it’s far from my control the most I think will be catalogue is whispering etc etc that possibly leads to something which I am completely undecided as something definitely seems to have gone on I just can’t clear it up.

If you’ve ever been in this situation I’m sure it’s the last thing you wish a fellow human being to endure which is why I’m asking for all the help as well as there is about 4 clips I need help with as we have two children and that would be the last thing I would want to do is to walk out on a relationship but nothing has happened.

Many thanks to all who read this long winded message I truly hope no one reading this has to endure what I have over the last month being in limbo all the while listening to something that’s close to breaking me. Private message me for the files and I’ll send them through kind regards EhEhBro

Noise Reduction works best when you have a tiny, low-level background noise. If the noise is bad “the cure can be worse than the disease”.

You can try Equalization. Boosting the higher frequencies tends to bring-out the “T” and “S” sounds which can help with intelligibility. And, you can cut the lowest frequencies since (with a voice recording) any deep-bass is just noise. (When “experimenting” with equalization I find the “Graphic EQ” mode easier than the “Draw Curves” mode.)

You can also try the Amplify effect just to bring-up the volume. And since you don’t care about distortion you can Allow Clipping (to some extent). Amplification will boost the signal and noise together so it may, or may-not, help.

But in general, the human brain is often the best “filter” and if you can’t understand what’s being said there’s not a whole lot you can do. (The stuff you see in movies where they pull a conversation out of crowd noise is just science fiction.)

So this is a surveillance job? This never goes well. The sound is almost always too far gone for a regular audio editor or simple tools.

That and as a policy, we don’t do, surveillance, law enforcement or conflict resolution.


Yeah I thought as much Koz I’m well aware of the fine line I dare tread. I thought i may have overlooked something or a method that is only used for us less fortunate one may have been within reach… Ill keep on chipping away as I’m not one to give up easily… especially when my kids futures are on the line aswell I have a go pro recording .,cell phone and one through a so called cell phone app that only loads in 8000 mono. Thanks Mate.