Enhancement: Multiple Cut/Copy/Paste buffers (command-x/c/v)

I’m going to describe my need and I will try to stay out of the design. I leave that to the experts as you have been very helpful in the past.

I am recording my vinyl record collection to digital. Audacity has been fantastic in helping me with this. I don’t use a lot of features, but over the years each major release has generally made it easier for me to record an album. And while I don’t use a lot of features - the ones I use - I use over and over.

For example: I paste 2 seconds of silence at the beginning and ending of each song to provide a standard gap during playback using shuffle on a home media player. It would be nice to have that (permanently) stored in a buffer. It’s not as simple as a macro because it involves inserting 2 seconds of silence.

And in order to have a “fall back” in case I screw up during editing of a song, I copy the song to a new project. That wipes out the 2 seconds of silence in the current buffer used at the end of the previous song. Again… repetitive and very time consuming.

Earlier I used “(permanently)” when describing a second copy buffer. It would be nice to be able to have something similar to “Shift z” (toggles to the minimum magnification required when editing to remove pops on the original vinyl).

Looking forward to hearing suggestions for this. Hopefully there might even be a way to do this now and I haven’t found it.

I suppose you could create a simple macro to “Generate” your 2 seconds and bind a certain keystroke combination to that macro. But that’s just me supposing…

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