Enhance voice/speech clarity - Newbie help required :)

Hi all,

Whilst I have used Audacity for basic cutting of music, etc before I am very new to many features. I have tried this myself but with limited results.

I have an audio recording of a speech taken by phone (subjects closeby, no particular noise pollution / interference) but it is extremely quiet. I have amplified this and played around with equaliser settings.

I have now got something which is discernable at a push (ie I can make partial transcripts but it is hard going at times) but is quite muffled.

Can anyone with better knowledge than me point me in the direction of effects and / or settings which would help me do a better job than I have managed so far? (either from the point I am at now or to completely restart

Many thanks in advance,

Once intelligibility sinks under the noise, that’s the end of the world. That also kills most of the tools. You can try Effect > Equalization: telephone.


Thanks, I’ll give it a try